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Monique Martin & Alexandra Hedberg

April 19th – June 7th, 2024

plural noun: vicissitudes
A change of circumstances or fortune, typically one that is unwelcome or unpleasant.

Transformation occurs through deep time when life hangs like a question mark, fragile and always changing. A moment in time can impact this planet, but it can also take years and decades to notice the change. Transformation is a process within human existence and within the ecosystems on the earth that allows us to live in the continuous present as we know we will not be the same person or planet tomorrow that we were today. The arithmetic of life can be looked at as continuous subtraction or as continuous transformation. When parts of our life and the earth run thin like the transparent chrysalis of a butterfly there is room for transformation, change, growth and movement.

We thought the environment was frozen in time. It is now a slow emergency. Nature measures time in epochs, eras, eons; it is not based on a human construct of days or years. Humans trespass without notice on nature’s time scale but have altered deep time. Our trespassing renders a lasting impact, stripping mother earth, leaving her vulnerable and weak. We were complacent thinking we had the answers and believing that tomorrow is always promised. Did we even really try? The eternal seconds of our nascent attempts to address climate change may be too late. The regrets will be carried by the future generations comparing what we could have done with what actually occurred.

Time is eternal and everything is gradually covered by the earth.


Fibre Art Network

April 19th – June 7th, 2024

Each artwork in this exhibit is a personal interpretation of the word

RESIST incorporating one or more resist techniques.

Resist – an art technique that uses several layers to expose or define a design in negative space. Resistant substances are applied as a coating to protect a surface during some processes eg. prevent dye adhering. Resist can be created using wax, crayons, inks, paints, pastel/ oil sticks, tape, masks, paper cutouts, stencils, stickers, glue, medium, flour paste, crackle paste, and/or fabric that is bound, scrunched, clamped, etc.

Resist can be artistic, positive, negative, frightening, or enlightening…..to stand firm or hold out (against), not yield (to), fight (against). To resist something such as change – you refuse to accept it and try to prevent it…..resist the temptation of…..couldn’t resist teasing or laughing at……


Submission Procedures

The EAGM welcomes proposals from artists and curators in all media for exhibitions or special projects for 2020 and onward. The gallery presents a diverse program of exhibitions, lectures and meetings with artists, and is involved in the production of curated exhibitions connected to themes developed by the EAGM. Together, the programs propose a critical reflection on contemporary art and culture. The gallery offers three exhibition spaces for artist proposals, and welcomes submissions from curators and artists on an ongoing basis.

​The gallery has two exhibition spaces (Gallery I and Gallery II). The EAGM provides professional technical services for selected projects. The EAGM pays fees to artists and curators in accordance with CARFAC standards. Submitted projects are assessed and recommended for program inclusion by the curator. Please note that unless requested, we do not notify artists when a proposal has been received, and it can take some time for a decision to be made. Artists are always notified as to whether their submission has been selected for exhibition. Please note that our schedule is currently full for the near future, although we are happy to receive proposals to keep on file for future consideration.

Submission Requirements

Updated CV
Statement of Intent or a Specific Project Description
Artist Statement
10 to 20 digital images or video files* or Photographs
(on video tape, CDR, DVD, or memory stick – if applicable)
Image Identification Page (Title, Medium, Size, Year, etc.)

*For digital images submit only .jpg files in RGB format at a resolution of 72 dpi, with a maximum size of 1.5 MB and a maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you are submitting via mail and would like to have your submission returned to you.

Please email your propsal to


or via mail to:
Estevan Art Gallery and Museum
118 – 4th Street
Estevan, SK
S4A 0T4

Gallery Information

Gallery 1: 161 Running Feet (Ceiling Height: 142″). View floorplan

Gallery 2: 69 Running Feet (Ceiling Height: 117″). View floorplan

Project Space: 14 Running Feet (Ceiling Height: (96″). View Floorplan

​View floorplan of the entire building

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​* Galleries have 2′ x 2′ suspended ceilings.

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