Light From Water

Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson

February 9th– March 29th, 2024

Biography | Interview

Light from Water involves production of a series of embroidered representations of crystallized water drawing on the work of Japanese scientist/author, Dr. Masaru Emoto. Water is seen as a living, communicating, inter-relating reality. Water is sacred in many cultures and a body of work showing the spiritual/sacred geometry of water would show the emphasis upon the beauty of nature and the beauty of microworlds.

Water is so intertwined with our whole being and with all life on our planet. When she saw the images of crystalized water, she saw immediately the beauty and symmetry. This theme fits, as well, with her philosophy and her desire to represent the beauty of our natural world through art. She is continuously researching the topic. She believes that by working with antique kimono fabric and using thread from her mother’s kimono obi (Sashi), she will be able to depict the beauty of water in this medium. Traditional Japanese garment kimono holds that Japanese craftmanship which have such gems in their hands. The materials craftsmen wove long ago makes her humble and bless.

She is using a technique called seed-stitching for this work. She seeds the light of threads on/within the fabric. May seeds of light begin to rise in viewers’ heart and soul.

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